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 March 25 - 29th

Yolanda M. Smith Personal Branding Expert  and Business Strategist Reveals Proven Brand & Business Strategies You Can Use to Have Influence, Impact and Income to Create Multiple Streams of Revenue That Can Generate $5,000 - $20,000 Monthly!

 Dates: March 25-29

VIP & Diamond Admission: 
7pm-10pm EST

Regular Admission: 
8pm-10pm EST

 Location: Online

 Commitment: 1-2 Hours Per Session

Take Your Brand & Business to the Next Level
Here What Students Have to Say:

Tiffany Martin
Leadership Analyst/Mentor
Heather Phillips
Leadership Analyst/Mentor
Emanience Gordon
The Real GovCon Insider

Tracy Danielle
 Creative Producer & Director

Sheila Hawkins 
Customer Experience Concierge 

Communications Specialist/Writer

In this training, you're going to learn:

 How To Take Command of Your Brand to attract clients and create predictable income without stressing and feeling overworked

… and learn how to obtain up to $100k to fund your business for growth and scale🚀

 How To Have Multiple Income Technologies and passive income that you can rinse & repeat every single time 💰

 How To Set Up and Automate Your Business Using Proven Systems & Structures

… so you can delegate to your team and let your systems do the heavy lifting to have the freedom to do what you like with the people you love,  💫

 How To Create a Framework for Brand Amplification and Dominance In Your Industry 

… so you can never worry about clients again and stop being the best kept secret 😬 
and become the sought after authority!

  How To Create a Digital Footprint on Social Media to get Noticed for the things you do better than others 💰

Recordings Are Not Included… you makes sure you show up, take notes, actively engage, implement and have fun! 

I Can’t Wait to Teach You:

 How to think like a media mogul

 How to create money while you sleep by way of passive income that aligns with your passions

 How to build a lucrative course from the ground up

 Everything you need foundationally to crush the competition and automate your income

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 FREE BONUS #2: The Spectacular SMIC Success Workbook ($100 Value)

 This free bonus workbook is key to maximizing your learning and applying newfound knowledge. It provides a structured format for you to take notes, ask questions, and capture your own insights. 
 The workbook also serves as a reference for you to implement strategies and ideas in your business. With a record of your learning and progress tracking, you will stay focused and motivated towards business success. This workbook is a crucial part of the challenge, ensuring you turn success into reality.

 FREE BONUS #3: TikTok Marketing Secrets Ebook ($200 Value)

This guide will provide you with practical tips and strategies for promoting your business on the popular social media platform. Whether you are new to TikTok or looking to improve your existing marketing efforts, this guide will help you reach your target audience and build your brand. 

From understanding the TikTok algorithm to creating engaging content, this guide will cover all the essentials of TikTok marketing. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool - the guide to marketing on TikTok for small businesses is the perfect addition to your arsenal as you work towards business success.
Hear From Clients 
Who Took Action & Implemented the 
Principles I’m Teaching You…
This Is For You If...
 You are a Coach, Entrepreneur or Speaker and you don’t have a proven roadmap or strategy to follow when it comes to amplifying your brand and value in the marketplace to attract qualified clients.
 Your business is kind-of working, but isnt making you enough income and you have too much month at the end of your money.
 You feel anxious and overwhelmed from the uncertainty that your business may not have staying power, 
and... you're doing all the work in your business without the freedom to enjoy the things you like with the people you love.
 You want to learn specific brand and business strategies to having a profitable, 6-figure business that you can grow and scale with predictable income

5 Days of Strategic Training

During this 5-day experience, you will learn Yolanda M. Smith’s secret methods and formulas that she has implemented to help 
THOUSANDS of people just like you build a powerful 
personal brand and profitable business !

Day 1

Thinking Like A Million Dollar Brand and The Secret To Unlocking Your Brand and Business Potential

Day 2

Personal Branding Introduction, Business Setup,  and Product Creation for Multiple Income Streams to Generate $10,000 Monthly and Secrets to Funding Your Business

Day 3

Brand Discovery Process and Creating Your Million-Dollar Minute to Attract Your Ideal Client! Discover your Niche Audience and Strategies to Get Optimal Results and Freedom

Day 4

 Social Media and the Systems and Processes You Need to Delegate and Automate a Successful Coaching, Speaking 
& Small Business to Generate Predictable Income

Day 5

The Secrets I Used To Create A Positive Digital Footprint and Amplify my Brand on Social Media To Get  Booked & Paid  
While Dominating the Competition

Meet Your Coach

Spectacular Smith

Rapper, Founder of Adwizar, TV Personality, Creator of Grumpy Cat ($100M Brand)

Spectacular Smith

Rapper, Founder of Adwizar, TV Personality, Creator of Grumpy Cat ($100M Brand)

Yolanda M. Smith

Certified Brand Analyst and Business Strategist  International Speaker | Author | Coach
  Founder of Branding 4 Success®

"The Brandthrupist®" 
A highly driven woman who was born to break barriers, Yolanda M. Smith proves that when powered by purpose, people are unstoppable. Yolanda is a personal branding expert and business strategist helping coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs grow and scale their business by unleashing the power of their personal brand with solid business strategies for influence, income and impact. Her passion for empowering others to achieve their highest potential led her to establish Branding 4 Success® where she currently serves as founder and chief Brandthrupist®.

She is highly regarded as an international speaker, best-selling author and brand and business coach where she was named a 2023 Top Personal Branding Coach by the Coach Foundation, received a 2023 EPSY Award for speaker excellence and was named by the Inc Magazine as one of “The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022”. Yolanda received global recognition as the 2022 Brand Analyst of the Year. She was a Top 10 Finalist in the 2020 Author Elite Awards for her book "Reputation To Reward". 

Hey – I’m Yolanda M. Smith!

For the first time ever, I am pulling back the curtain to share the Brand & Business Success Blueprint with YOU. 😍

In this 5-day training challenge, I’m going to show you how to have an  incredibly powerful brand and profitable business so that you can grow and scale. 

… without getting overwhelmed, or experiencing anxiety and burnout – because trust me, I’ve been there and it isn’t fun.

If you aren’t hitting your income goals, are struggling to find paying clients for your products and services, and feel completely overwhelmed every time you try to fix it, THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU.

I’ve only taught these brand and business strategies to high paying clients, so you’re in for a major treat! Space is limited and the 5-day training is first come, first served – so register today and join me.

See you there?

Much Love,
The Brandthrupist®

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 Date: Mon-Fri March 25-29, 2024

 Recordings Will Not Be Available. I Want You Live and Present with Me 
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8:00PM - 10:00PM EST

General Admission

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  •  5 Days of Brand Domination & Business Training With Yolanda On How to Build a Powerful Brand and Sustainable Business that Attracts Clients and Predictable Income 
  • ​Access To The General Admission Telegram Group

7:00PM - 10:00PM EST

VIP Admission

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Here's What's 

  • Everything in General Admission
  • ​1 Hour BONUS Workshop with Yolanda Before All 5 Days of the Challenge With Q&A
  • ​Live Q&A Access During Challenge
  • ​Exclusive Mentorship & Coaching with Yolanda M. Smith
  • ​​VIP Treatment from Team
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  • ​Everything in General Admission and VIP
  • ​Diamond Priority on all Live Q&A Pre-Sessions Access 
  • ​Opportunities to be spotlighted and have Yolanda work exclusively with you live on your brand and business
  • ​Assigned Sr. Success Advisor to enjoy concierge service daily 
  • ​Assigned Accountability Partner
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